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Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy Learn About Water Quality Protection in Vermont


The Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy has been prepared to address pollutants and stressors that affect uses and values of Vermont Surface Waters. On this page you can access:

  1. Goals and Objectives for managing Vermont surface waters in light of the goals of the federal Clean Water Act and Vermont's state surface Water Quality Policy;
  2. Activities and Stressors that affect water, as well as individual pollutants;
  3. Tools and Resources (Tool Kit) used to protect, and maintain and restore surface waters; and,
  4. Planning Process for individual watershed management.

New visitors to this site are encouraged to review the Introduction first, to understand the layout of the Strategy. The buttons shown below provide access to introductory pages for each section of the Strategy, and drop down lists provide links to specific information within each section.



Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy
What are the Goals and Objectives that are impacted due to surface water pollution?Goals and Objectives


Next Steps
What are the relevant rules and regulations that are addressed by this Strategy?
What's happening in your watershed?


Powerpoint presentation from December 20, 2010 Stakeholder meeting


Master List of Acronyms





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