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Statewide Map of Existing Stormwater Permits


This electronic map was produced by the VTDEC SW Management Section and contains a GIS layer that identifies all known existing stormwater permits, displayed at their relative geographic locations. It also contains several other reference layers that aid in identifying the relative location of a particular project. Once the project is located, additional permit information can be retrieved, including permit number, project name and the original permittees name and address. The database used in developing this map is continually being refined, and the map will be updated on a periodic basis.


Instructions for web mapping application


  • The Agency of Natural Resources' Natural Resources Atlas is a map viewer that displays Agency of Natural Resources spatial data, which includes the Issued and Pending Stormwater Permit Application data layers.
  • Use the USGS and NAIP Orthophotography layers in the imagery file to help you navigate to your site location, or find an address or environmental feature using the "Find an Address" tool that loads with the map.
  • Data layers are scale dependent and some layers will not become visible until you zoom in closer to your area of interest. This helps the map from becoming too cluttered with information.
  • Use the "Layers" view to see other Agency of Natural Resources data layers.
  • Open the toolbar under "Quick Tools" and use "Print Map" there or the Print Map under Quick Tools for printing purposes.
  • For further information on how to use the mapping application, use the Help features in the Toolbar

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