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Dry Wells


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A Dry Well is a subsurface storage facility that temporarily stores and infiltrates stormwater runoff from the roofs of residential and small structures. Roof leaders connect directly into the Dry Well, which may be either an excavated pit filled with uniformly graded stone, wrapped in geotextile or a prefabricated storage chamber or pipe segment. Dry Wells discharge the stored runoff via infiltration into the surrounding soils. In the event that the Dry Well is overwhelmed in an intense storm event, an overflow mechanism (connection to larger infiltration area or rain garden, etc.) will ensure that additional runoff is safely conveyed downstream.

Dry Well

By capturing runoff at the source, Dry Wells can dramatically reduce the increased volume of stormwater generated by the roofs of structures. Though roofs are generally not a significant source of runoff pollution, they are still one of the most important sources of new or increased runoff volume from developed areas. By decreasing the volume of stormwater runoff, Dry Wells can also reduce runoff rate and improve water quality. As with other infiltration practices, Dry Wells may not be appropriate for “hot spots” or other areas where high pollutant or sediment loading is expected without additional design considerations. Dry Wells are not recommended within a specified distance to structures. drinking water source protection areas or subsurface sewage disposal systems.


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