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Welcome to the
Rivers Program


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Waterbury Hydroelectric Project

Presentation from 10/7/14 public meeting (PDF, 4MB)

Turbidity Study (PDF, 9 MB)

Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Protection Procedure

FINAL DRAFT Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Proctection Procedure (PDF, 884 KB)

FHARCP Procedure Transmittal Letter (PDF, 94 KB)

Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Rule

Public Comment Response Summary (PDF, 67 KB)


organizational chart for Rivers Program







Provides technical and regulatory assistance for those activities that involve construction or excavation in rivers and streams. Issues stream alteration permits and provides river diagnostics, alternatives analysis, project design, and construction inspection for instream work. Provides technical and regulatory assistance for emergency and next-flood protective measures during flood recovery operations.


River Corridor

& Floodplain


Provides river and floodplain assessments.  Provides technical assistance, education, and outreach on regulation of developments within river corridors and floodplains; river corridor planning and mapping; river and floodplain restoration and protection projects, and flood resilience planning. The section coordinates the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) providing assistance on flood insurance, floodplain management, mapping, and mitigation.




Maintains and restores natural streamflows by regulating the water withdrawals and hydropower projects that are designed to provide public benefits. Works to restore connectivity within our rivers and streams by identifying dams that no longer serve a useful purpose and facilitating their removal




Comprehensive program mandated by the Vermont Legislature and developed by Vermont ANR in cooperation with VTrans that explains the workings of rivers and how to design, construct and maintain roads and bridges to create greater river stability and more flood resilient transportation infrastructure.

Introductory Level – Tier One

Online training that provides a general awareness and understanding of river processes, aquatic habitat and how transportation infrastructure affects and is affected by river stability.

Intermediate Level – Tier Two

Classroom and field based training that focuses on accommodating channel stability and minimizing impacts to aquatic habitat in design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure.

Tier Two Overview (pdf, 800 KB)

field guide (pdf 12,735 KB)

field guide - booklet form (pdf, 5743 KB)

Advanced Level – Tier Three

Training in the use of the ANR Standards for Stream Alterations to select, design and oversee construction of projects involving river instability and crossing structure repair and/or replacement.



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