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Protecting and Restoring Surface Waters

Through Tactical Basin Planning


Recently, the Watershed Management Division has developed a more effective planning process to manage surface waters across the state. This new strategy aims to pull together the monitoring and assessment data, and the protection and restoration tools of rivers, lakes, wetlands and stormwater for each of Vermont’s 15 major watersheds. What makes this new watershed planning process different from previous basin planning efforts is the scale. While prior basin plans focused on broad-scale strategies to promote surface water protection or improvement, the new tactical plans will highlight the projects or actions needed to protect or restore specific waters and identify appropriate funding sources to complete the work. Since these new tactical plans will guide all watershed work, the issues identified in these plans are the ones that will be prioritized for management attention, including funding.


Tactical basin plans prioritize sub-basins of Vermont's major watersheds for enhanced monitoring, assessment, planning, and project development. All implementation watershed improvement work will be available to track on the Watershed Management Division’s web site at Tactical Basin Plan Development Schedule is available, and below is a map of Vermont’s Watersheds. Click to find the name and contact of the Watershed Coordinator. Watershed Coordinators encourage public involvement and welcome input as they develop the tactical basin plans for each of the major watersheds. To learn more, contact a Watershed Coordinator. 



Watershed Planning Basins Lamoille - Basin #7 Ompompanoosuc, Stevens, Wells, Waits - Basin #14 Passumpsic - Basin #15 Otter Creek, Little Creek, Lewis Creek - Basin #3 Ottauquechee, Black - Basin #10 White River - Basin #9 Deerfield - Basin #12 Southern Lake Champlain - Basin #4 West, Williams, Saxtons - Basin #11 Lake Memphremagog (Black, Barton, Clyde), Coaticook, Tomifobia - Basin #17 Poultney, Mettawee - Basin #2 Missisquoi - Basin #6 Winooski - Basin #8 Batten Kill, Walloomsac, Hoosic - Basin  #1 Northern Lake Champlain - Basin #5 Upper Connecticut, Nulhegan, Willard Steam, Paul Stream - Basin #16 Hudson River Drainage Basin
1. Battenkill, Walloomsac, Hoosic
Lake Champlain Drainage Basin

-South Lake Champlain

2. Poultney, Mettawee

3. Otter Creek, Little Otter Creek, Lewis Creek
4. Lower Lake Champlain

-North Lake Champlain

5. Upper Lake Champlain, LaPlatte, Malletts Bay, St. Albans Bay, Rock, Pike

6. Missisquoi
7. Lamoille
8. Winooski
Connecticut River Drainage Basins
-North Connecticut River Basin
15. Passumpsic
16. Upper Connecticut, Nulhegan, Willard Stream, Paul Stream

-Mid Connecticut River Basin

9. White

14. Stevens, Wells, Waits, Ompompanoosuc

-South Connecticut River Basin

10. Ottauquechee, Black

11. West, Williams, Saxtons
12. Deerfield
11 - 13. Salmon, Canoe, Sacketts, East Putney, Chase, Fullam, Mill, and Morse Brooks and portions of the Connecticut River
Lake Memphremagog Drainage Basin
17. Lake Memphremagog (Barton, Black, Clyde), Coaticook, Tomifobia


river painting by Eric Tobin

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