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Small Pond Information

Small Pond

Small ponds, or "private" ponds, are here defined as those which are artificial and located entirely on one property. Vermont has hundreds of small ponds. Many of which provide great habitat for local plants, animals, and people!

Private ponds are natural ponds not more than 20 acres in size and/or artificial ponds of any size that are owned by one person/entity and located entirely on the owner’s property, and can be stocked at the owner’s expense with artificially hatched or reared fish, provided that the sources of water supply for the pond are entirely upon the owner’s premises or that fish do not have access to the pond from waters not under the owner’s control or from waters stocked at the expense of the state (defined in 10 V.S.A. Section 5210).

We do have a variety of printed and web-based materials that answer questions commonly asked by small pond owners.  Information found on our LakeWise webpage is also useful for maintaining healthy small ponds. Photographs and other information about aquatic invasive species can also be found on our website. Visit the following links for additional information:

If you decide to use a chemical to control a weed or algae problem in your pond, please contact the Watershed Management Division for a permit application.

Updated: September 2014

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