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This listing includes notices of public hearings or other public meetings, draft or final regulatory decisions, and recently-issued documents (e.g., permits, decisions, plans) specific to the River Management Section. For additional public notices of the Watershed Management Division, go to the Water Quality Division Public Notices page. For a listing of published reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos and other media available from the River Management Section, go to the Publications/Resources page.

Please Note: This listing may not include all permits issued by the River Management Section. For additional permit information, please contact program staff.


Category Date Posted Description  
Permits 02/10/2016 Floodplain permit application FP-6-0001 - Long Wind Farm, replacement of a non-flood vented greenhouse. Details
Permits 02/10/2016 Floodplain permit application - FP-5-0001 - VT Agency of Transportation - Middlebury - WCRS bridge over Otter Creek Details
Permits 02/03/2016 DRAFT AUTHORIZATION SA-05-001-2016 -Imerys Talc Vermont - replacement of an undersized culvert with an 8’ X 3’ concrete box culvert Details
Permits 02/02/2016 DRAFT AUTHORIZATION - SA-04-001-2016 - Town of Richford, South Richford Rd, Richford VT - replacing a hydraulically inadequate 6' dia culvert with a precast concrete box. Details
Permits 02/01/2016 Floodplain permit application - FP-4-0002 - Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC, Vernon, VT - Construction of a second concrete dry fuel storage pad. Details
Permits 01/28/2016 Ammendment- Floodplain permit application - FP-1-0004-IND - Vermont Gas Systems, Middlebury, VT Details
Permits 01/27/2016 AUTHORIZATION - SA- 06-001-2016, Town of Brookfield, Old Cross Rd, Brookfield VT Details
Permits 01/12/2016 AUTHORIZATION - SA-3-101-2016 - City of Barre- repair of two flood damanged walls Details
Permits 01/12/2016 Floodplain permit application - FP-03-0002-IND - Green Mountain Railroad Corporation - upgrade to the existing rail servicing a propane off-loading facility Details
Permits 01/12/2016 Floodplain permit application - FP-2-0007 - St. Johnsbury, Proposed development of a 321 kilwatt (AC) solar array. Details
Permits 01/04/2016 AUTHORIZATION - SA-03-146 - Town of Strafford - replacement of a structually deficient bridge. Details
Permits 12/23/2015 AUTHORIZATION - SA-05-043-2015 - Town of Norwich, Removal of dam on Charles Brown Brook. Details
Permits 12/23/2015 AUTHORIZATION - SA-05-044-2015, Town of Norwich, replacement of a concrete box culvert Details
Permits 12/18/2015 Floodplain permit application - FP-2-0006- VT Agency of Transporation, Cabot VT, Roadway reconstruction and bridge replacements. Details
Permits 12/04/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-04-061-2015 - Town of Highgate, Replacement of two structures. Details
Permits 12/02/2015 Floodplain permit application - FP-2-0005-IND - State of Vermont, Replacement of bridge 11 superstructure. Details
Permits 11/25/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-07-050 - Mettowee Mill Nursery Inc -removal of accumulated sediments from the instream pond. Details
Permits 11/24/2015 Floodplain permit application - FP-4-0001-IND - TDI-New England Details
Permits 11/24/2015 FINAL SA-06-0001 Champlain VT, LLC, TDI Power Link Details
Permits 11/20/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-07-049-2015 - Brandon, Neshobe River, removal of bever dams Details
Permits 11/18/2015 Floodplain permit application - FP-1-0006-IND - State of Vermont - Replacement Bridge, Huntington Details
Permits 11/13/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-06-055-2015 - New England Central Railroad, Streambank stabilization on Third Branch of White River. Details
Permits 11/13/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-07-048-2015 - Lacombe, Pico Ski Resort - repair of culvert on Mendon Brook Tributary. Details
Permits 11/12/2015 FINAL AUTHORIZATION - SA-03-145-2015 - Town of Derby, Pine Hill emergency culvert repair authorization Details
Permits 11/12/2015 Floodplain permit application - FP-1-0005-IND - Vermont Transco, LLC (VELCO) K-21 structure 1 replacement Details
Permits 07/24/2015 AUTHORIZATION- SA-06-037-2015- Town of Moretown, Moretown Vermont. Installation of rip rap Details
Permits 06/01/2015 AUTHORIZATION - SA-04-018-2015 - Town of Craftsbury - bank stabilization Details

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